Experience protection through performance.

Our reliable and professional fire suppression system is designed with high-pressure water mist for engine compartments or other closed areas. The Fogmaker systems can be installed in any engine room and works in multiple markets including school bus, transit, logging, mining, agriculture, aviation and more.

Fogmaker Solutions

Our fire suppression systems work quickly and effectively to protect the things that matter to you.

Product Features

  • Piston accumulator 
    • Can be mounted in any orientation (6.5L/ 7.5L for HD buses) 
    • Stores H2O & Nitrogen mix
  • Preventative maintenance service (performed by transit agencies or local distributors)
  • ULC – EX16015
  • UL Listed, UL 1384, self-contained automatic extinguishing units 
  • P-Mark, SPCR 183, SP Test Method 4912/ECE-107
  • APTA Compliant (APTA-BTA-BS-RP-003-08, APTA BTA-BS-RP-001-05)
  • Factory mutual, FM heavy-duty mobile equipment protection systems (Class #5970)
  • DOT compliant (DOT 3AL 216 / DOT 173.306(f))
  • TC approved (certificate #SU 11140)
  • Reflash prevention 
    • Hot surfaces are cooled below reflash temperature 
    • Any remaining fuel is covered by the AFFF (foam)
  • AS5062-2006 (Australian certification for fire suppression systems on transportable machinery)
  • Loss of Pressure (LOP) bursts or melts at ~375º
  • Control Panel: 1.35″ X 1.10″ visual information screen, compact 2″ X 3″ X .75″ housing

Options for Customization

  • Alarm Panel: communication interface for remote monitoring
  • Extended suppression duration
  • Option to gang piston accumulators together for larger vehicles
  • Optional: spot thermal sensors, linear thermal wire, manual push-button activation, methane detection